Frequently Asked Questions

What should I have ready for the technicians on the day of my scheduled service?
Our technicians will need lab bench space and access to your lab’s deionized water and pipette tips.

My pipettes are new. Should I have them calibrated?
At regulated labs, all established procedures for calibration and preventive maintenance must be followed in order to consider an instrument in service. If your facility is not regulated, it is up to the user’s discretion on how to proceed with calibration.

How do I arrange to pay for calibration or maintenance services?
You can arrange for a purchase order before we perform the service, or we can create a purchase order for the exact amount once we complete the service.

How long do I have to wait to schedule a service if I am a new customer?
Not long at all. We can typically have a technician to your lab within 5 business days—though usually sooner—for new customers. For existing clients, we provide same-day, on-site service.

What if we don’t have space in our lab?
We can perform the services on-site at a different lab or at a centralized location at your facility. We can also take your equipment off-site to Bio Calibration Company’s calibration laboratories (in which case some procedural considerations must be made).

Are the technicians performing the service trained and competent?
Bio Calibration Company has received ISO 17025 accreditation, which ensures that we have a quality system in place to meet stringent compliance requirements. In order to meet the standards of this accreditation, all members of our staff are highly trained in pipette calibration and maintenance, particularly regarding compliance measures and the unique needs of each laboratory we service.

Does BCC digitally certify all pipette and balance calibrations its technicians perform?
Yes. We provide a digital certificate with an electronic signature for every calibration. The certificates can be downloaded anytime from the customer portal.

Are analytical balances calibrated to meet specific standards?
All balance calibrations meet the Euromet CG-18, ASTM E898 and Handbook 44 standards, which outline all aspects of balance and scale calibration, including certificates, procedures, testing tolerances, and all related documentation.

I need specific fields, numbers of samples, tolerances, and so on. Can Bio Calibration Company perform services that are in line with already established calibration protocols?
Yes. Bio Calibration Company specializes in not only creating but also following some of the strictest calibration protocols in the industry. Find out more here.

How often should I perform preventive maintenance on my pipettes?
Preventive maintenance intervals depend on usage and customer requirements. For equipment in use regularly, we suggest performing preventive maintenance annually. Find out more here.

How often should my equipment be calibrated?
Calibration intervals are governed by both regulatory agencies and usage. Customers vary between monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual calibrations, although semiannual is the most common calibration interval.

What brands do you calibrate?
We calibrate all brands and models of pipettes and other types of laboratory liquid handling instruments. Find out more here.

How do I get a quote or schedule a service?
If you are a customer of Bio Calibration Company, we will track your instruments’ service due dates and coordinate with your laboratory manager to schedule service dates within the month that your instruments are due for service. To schedule initial service, please contact the director of operations, Eric Recupero, or fill out the quote form and we’ll follow up promptly. There is a minimum to qualify for on-site service. Services under $1,000 will be quoted as mail-in service.

How do I transition to Bio Calibration Company as my lab’s new calibration service provider?
Click here to get a quote, and we will match you to a dedicated support liaison who will walk you through the transition step by step. We aim to make the transition seamless, efficient, and worry free.