Compliance at Bio Calibration Company

A Culture of Compliance

The precision and accuracy of metrology equipment is your laboratory’s utmost priority. At Bio Calibration Company, we operate with a comprehensive quality system that ensures both the service and the equipment are accurate, precise and repeatable.

In all our calibration services, we at Bio Calibration Company embody a culture of compliance built to ensure complete:

  • Confidence
  • Satisfaction
  • Consistency

In the event of an FDA audit, you can be assured that the equipment under Bio Calibration Company’s service umbrella will be covered.

quality system explained

Quality System Explained

Bio Calibration Company’s computer-controlled calibration and maintenance procedures ensure you’ll receive the best results. We have established a set of core standards and objectives that deliver consistent, reliable services and procedures for our customers.

All calibration services are performed by well-trained staff members whose performance is continuously evaluated. We also use state-of-the-art technology so that readings and data are captured with 100% confidence.

All of our calibration services are NIST traceable and compliant to ISO 17025. We will develop administrative SOPs for your lab and maintain a quality system manual in order to ensure proper operation of your systems and equipment.

We also have established a detailed non-conformance reporting procedure to investigate and resolve issues in a timely and compliant fashion. If you need to issue a change to your documents, we can manage the process completely so that your compliance is never questioned.

To read more about our standard procedures and objectives, visit our Quality Systems and Compliance page. To learn more about our information technology, click here.

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