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On-site Calibration Services with Same‑Day Turnaround

Offering calibration services, preventative maintenance, and repair, Bio Calibration Company is a trusted service provider for laboratories throughout New Jersey, southeastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware.

To ensure consistency, quality, and outstanding service, we assign a dedicated technician to every account. This results in a seamless service, with minimal interruptions to your lab’s workflow.

About Our Company

Your Trusted Partner in Calibration Services

At Bio Calibration Company, we are a tight-knit, family-owned business. Our reputation has developed over 24 years of experience as a quality calibration service provider.

Our mission is to provide our customers with quality calibration services, fast turnaround and highly-competitive prices. Our quality system, validated technology, and highly-trained technicians make us a valued and trusted partner.

Calibration Services

Our calibration services are on-site and same-day. Service levels vary to meet the specific requirements of your laboratory. Pipette service levels range from non-regulated protocols suitable for research labs to clinical protocols suitable for hospitals and clinical laboratories, and regulated protocols suited for GxP environments (ISO 17025).

The same level of service is extended to other equipment, including: high-throughput pipetting systems, analytical balances, thermometers, centrifuges, and timers.


The scientific principles of metrology and regulatory compliance guidelines drive everything we do. Our technology, equipment, and software promote efficiency – saving time and money. All calibration information, environmental conditions, raw data, calibration certificates, and labels are stored in our commercial lab management database, ensuring that your data is both viable and secure.

Calibrations are NIST-traceable, and can account for uncertainty of measurements, as well as corelate for environmental conditions. Our technicians and methods undergo extensive evaluations for proficiency, performance and quality. Our quality system meets or exceeds the requirements of ISO 17025:2017.


We offer a range of value-added services to keep your lab equipment running in excellent condition, with no interruptions to your day-to-day operations.

Our services include calibrations, preventative maintenance, and repair to all volumetric pipettes. We service all manufacturers, models, and types of pipettes, including manual, electronic, and high-throughput pipetting systems.

Our service extends to analytical balances, thermometers, rotational equipment, and we can develop and adhere to custom SOPs to meet your specific requirements.

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