About Bio Calibration Company

Our Company

Based in Sewell, NJ, Bio Calibration Company is a trusted, family-owned business with about 25 years of experience. We specialize in pipette calibration and analytical laboratory balances.

We work with major brands and offer on-site, same-day service to companies in various industries such as biotechnology, medical research, medical device manufacturing and large-cap pharmaceuticals. We work with clinical laboratories, research and development laboratories, and more.

When Anthony Recupero founded Bio Calibration Company, he started with a vision of excellence, integrity and customer service in calibration that could be tailored to every lab’s unique needs and standards.

Our name has become synonymous with high-quality and consistent customer service, as well as pipette calibration and preventive maintenance services that focus on ISO compliance. By working with us, you can easily outsource to proven professionals the burdensome tasks of calibrating and maintaining pipettes while saving money and time.

our method

Our Methods

We have perfected our methods to provide labs and companies with proven, customized calibration and maintenance services that deliver as much in cost-effectiveness as they do in quality performance. Learn more about our services.

Everything we do today is driven by that same vision of excellence upon which Bio Calibration Company was founded. Find out why so many trust us.

Learn more about Bio Calibration Company’s expert technicians and management team.

Major Milestones

  • 1995: Bio Calibration Company officially incorporated.
  • 1997: We began providing calibration services to large-cap pharmaceutical companies.
  • 2006: We purchased and moved into our current offices and laboratories in Sewell, New Jersey.
  • 2008: We began construction of our class 1000 cleanroom calibration laboratory.
  • 2016: We invested in the company’s operations and IT infrastructure.
  • 2017: We began to implement commercial laboratory management software in order to better service our customers’ laboratory equipment from end to end.
  • Today: Bio Calibration Company holds ISO 17025:2017 accreditation, ensuring the highest compliance standards for our calibrations.