Rainin Pipette Calibration

Rainin Pipette Calibration

We have the expertise to properly calibrate and maintain Rainin pipettes in order to meet your lab’s compliance needs. We provide same-day, on-site services, ensuring accuracy for your lab.

Customized Calibration with an Expert Technician

We pair you each time with the same dedicated technician who has expert knowledge of your unique laboratory processes and standards, as well as your preferred pipettes and equipment.

We customize calibration and preventive maintenance services and repairs to your specific requirements so your equipment remains in working order and compliant with all of your standards and procedures.

We service all Rainin pipette types:

  • Single-channel manual pipettes
  • Multichannel manual pipettes
  • Adjustable spacer manual pipettes
  • Single-channel electronic pipettes
  • Multichannel electronic pipettes
  • Adjustable spacer electronic pipettes
  • High-throughput pipetting
  • Specialty pipettes


Preventive Maintenance and Repair

We can also repair your Rainin pipettes and perform preventive maintenance to keep your lab running smoothly. All of our services are NIST traceable and ISO compliant. Learn more about our calibration and preventive maintenance services.

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