ISO 17025 Accredited Lab for Pipette Calibration

Off-Site Pipette Calibration Services

Ship-In Pipette Calibrations Completed Within 24-48 Hours

Off-Site Pipette Calibration Services

You can be confident that Bio Calibration Company will calibrate your laboratory’s pipettes to full compliance with ISO 17025 Standards. We service the contiguous 48 states in the US, and our skilled, highly experienced technicians use best-in-class equipment.

Select our ship-in service to ensure fast, accurate calibrations without disruption to your lab. The ship-in process minimizes our contact with your lab, which maintains your team’s safety. We complete all ship-in calibrations within 24–48 hours of receipt of your equipment (plus time for return delivery).

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Integrity of Our Lab

Our cleanroom laboratory environmentally controls temperature, humidity, and particle count and was designed to meet Class 1000 specifications. It was built specifically for calibration purposes, and the lab and organization are ISO 17025 accredited. Only trained technicians are permitted access, which ensures that only experts handle your equipment.

Our ship-in lab takes steps to ensure accuracy:

  • Minimizes vibration by using micro- and analytical balances on stone weighing tables with a solid foundation on the ground level
  • Monitors temperature
  • Minimizes humidity by using draft shields, air diffusers and evaporation traps
  • Adjusts for Z-factor, which changes on the basis of varying environmental conditions such as temperature and barometric pressure and affects calibration of the equipment

Ship-In Process

Our simple procedure provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your equipment is receiving fast, high-quality service.

To obtain ship-in service, follow these steps:

  1. Request a quote.
  2. Decontaminate pipettes according to procedure or by spraying them liberally with 70% isopropanol or a similar solution.
  3. Document decontamination by completing the decontamination form or by suppling an equipment list and separate letter stating that decontamination was performed.
  4. Package pipettes. Set the pipettes to low volume. Package each instrument individually (i.e., wrap each in bubble wrap, secure it with a rubber band), then wrap the instruments together in an additional layer of packaging and place them in a box. Along with the pipettes, please include tips, chargers (if electronic pipette[s]) and the decontamination form or documentation.
  5. Ship the instruments to us. Be sure to include the reference quote number.

Or please inquire about qualifying for a local pickup option. When we receive your equipment, our highly trained technicians will provide an extensive calibration service along with necessary repairs or scheduled preventive maintenance. We will ship it back to you within 24–48 hours of receipt.

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Value-Added Services

Bio Calibration Company provides various value-added services when you choose us to calibrate your pipettes or other equipment:

  • Automated scheduling: We will send an email reminder based on your desired frequency (e.g., 6 months or 1 year)
  • Customizable Calibration Certificate: Customization is available as long as it does not interfere with preestablished standards
  • Customizable Calibration Label: Customization is available as long as it does not interfere with preestablished standards
  • Integration with an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN): You can choose to have an ELN barcode included on the certificate or label , automating your lab’s tasks and reducing human error