What Our Customers Have to Say

At Bio Calibration Company, we take pride in delivering the best service possible for our customers. Take a look at what some of them have to say about partnering with us.


Mike Z.

Pharmaceutical Company

“You’ve been extremely accommodating to our compliance requirements and ensuring that we are capturing all of these properly in our documentation. This has allowed for as seamless-as-possible transition of our service vendor to BioCal. Thanks again very much!”

Eric W.

Pharmaceutical Company, Senior Scientist

“Bio Calibration Co. is a great partner for us in the biomarker lab. Their reliability, precision, and flexibility has added greatly to the integrity of our data. As the nature of our work moves from traditional bench science to science featuring greater throughput and precision, Bio Calibration Co. is able to meet all of our needs.”

Monica T.

Americas Pharmaceutical Company, Laboratory Services Manager

“BCC has been providing calibration services to our company for over 20 years. We value their ability to meet compliance requirements as well as the convenience of onsite service and scheduling flexibility, which minimizes the disruption to operations.”

Stephen D.

Diagnostics Company, Quality Assurance Manager

“Bio Calibration Company has been a long-time, trusted partner, providing quality calibration services to our institution for over 20 years.”