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Pipette Calibration

Pipette calibration is particularly important in a laboratory to ensure the accuracy of all products being tested. If you need pipette calibration, Bio Calibration Company is here to help. We are experts in providing pipette calibration for companies to ensure they are obtaining the most accurate data.

Our quality system ensures consistent quality for the pipette calibration services that we provide. Learn more about us here.

On-Site Pipette Calibration

We calibrate and repair single- and multichannel pipettes on-site at your facility, on the same day. We prioritize compliance and perform calibrations and other maintenance activities in your laboratory to meet your specific requirements. We customize calibration systems and processes to meet your needs, or we adhere to existing systems.

All of our services are NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable. We calibrate and repair all brands and types of pipettes, including:

You can continue your company’s important research while we set up the pipette calibration or repair your pipettes.

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Off-Site Pipette Calibration

Do you prefer to keep disruptions to a minimum within your laboratory? Learn more about our ship-in service to ensure fast, accurate calibrations without interruption. We complete all ship-in calibrations within 24–48 hours of receipt of your equipment (plus time for return delivery).

preventive maintenance

Eliminate Failure with Preventive Pipette Maintenance Services

Proactively maintain your liquid pipette equipment with our professionally scheduled pipette maintenance program that includes the inspection and replacement of specific high-risk parts and components. Your dedicated pipette calibration professional will schedule, document and track all pipette calibration maintenance activities.

Benefits include saving time and money by avoiding failure, having known/pre-planned maintenance expenses and maintaining pipette laboratory instruments at optimal performance, all while extending the life of your instruments.

Preventive pipette calibration maintenance is performed on-site, at your facility or laboratory, in coordination with your lab’s pipette calibration schedule(s). Preventive pipette maintenance programs inspect and replace deteriorating parts according to a set maintenance schedule.

Pipette sealing components wear out from general usage. This compromises the seal with residual moisture from aspirations of multiple replicates, or even the unintentional aspiration of a liquid or solution, which eventually corrodes the pistons. Dirt can also accumulate inside the pipette shaft. These inevitable errors result in reduced pipette accuracy and pipette calibration precision, as well as a shorter usable lifespan of the pipette.

Advantages of a preventive maintenance & calibration plan for your lab’s pipette measuring devices:

  • Provides pipette measuring consistency
  • Reduces costs
  • Improves pipette accuracy
  • Extends usable life
  • Optimizes pipette & laboratory equipment performance

Our work is supported by a 6-month warranty against failure and workmanship issues. We are extremely flexible in our pipette maintenance approach and always go the extra length to satisfy our customers.

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Certificates and Reporting

Our reporting and certification capabilities are highly scalable and can be customized to your needs. We focus on making your calibration processes as efficient and seamless as possible.

We can perform paperless calibration services via our GAMP 5–level computer system validation, which is compliant with 21 CFR part 11 guidelines for electronic signatures. We can also generate hardcopy (printed) reports, if you prefer.

We calibrate pipettes according to the acceptance criteria set by your department. If you need help setting this variance, we will leverage our decades of experience in the field to help you determine the correct targets.

Pipette Calibration Companies

Here at Bio Calibration Company, we partner with different pipette calibration companies. These pipette calibration companies are industry leading. We partner with them to ensure that you are receiving the best quality service.

The pipette calibration companies that we partner with have different specialties.  We can provide you a quote with all the different company’s prices to compare what will work best for your company’s needs. Bio Calibration Company wants to ensure that you are receiving the best pipette services.

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