Bio Calibration Company Capabilities

Value-Added Services

Bio Calibration Company offers a range of value-added services to keep your lab equipment running in excellent condition, with no interruptions to your day‑to‑day procedures. We provide:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Custom SOPs and calibration systems
  • Asset management

generic preventative maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

The best SOPs include preventive maintenance at least once per year. Our calibration experts will ensure that your pipettes and other lab equipment work properly at all times.

Our preventive maintenance system improves the accuracy of your metrology equipment and keeps it operating at optimal performance in your laboratory.

Inevitable wear and tear on equipment such as sealing components, pipette shafts and tip cones can shorten the usable lifespan of the equipment and reduce the accuracy of measurements. With regularly scheduled preventive maintenance from Bio Calibration Company, you can extend the lifespan of your pipettes and other equipment while ensuring your equipment remains uncompromised.

In addition, you can minimize large, unexpected repair expenses by performing the maintenance suggested by equipment manufacturers. Let us facilitate this program for your pipettes and any other laboratory equipment that require maintenance.

Preventive maintenance services include:

  • Inspection of specific components
  • Replacement of specific components
  • Scheduling service
  • Preventive maintenance checklist/documentation (optional)
  • Labeling (optional)
  • Multiple frequency scheduling (optional)

Custom SOPs and Calibration Systems

We will design a process if you lack an established system for regularly calibrating your equipment. We will customize the procedures and processes to meet the unique requirements and standards of your laboratory, without forcing you into a specific number of samples or calibration frequency.

We are able to build a custom SOP program and calibration quality system for your laboratory that will increase the level of regulatory compliance and audit readiness at the most efficient price point possible.

Asset Management

We can help you manage your assets by tracking their functionality and financial value. Our asset management service increases your efficiency by maintaining all calibration and maintenance schedules. Contact us for more information.

Custom SOP

Company Practices

When you leverage the services Bio Calibration Company provides, you’ll receive service the same day, on-site at your laboratory, under your environmental conditions. Our on-site service offers a quick turnaround on all of the equipment and pipettes that you would like to have calibrated.

All of our services are NIST traceable and, most importantly, operated in an accredited environment with a quality system developed to provide excellent service and to satisfy clients.

Consistency is a main factor in a successful calibration program and is especially effective in saving your laboratory time and effort. With Bio Calibration Company, you will benefit from the guidance of a knowledgeable expert who has detailed experience with and insight into your procedures and facilities, and who will perform all services.

Additional Equipment Serviced

Over the years, we have added other types of equipment to our repertoire: